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At BETRFLY, we believe that every woman deserves the opportunity to explore, define, and pursue a life of their own design and that achieving professionally need not require shrinking down, or fitting in.

It's no secret that being a woman in business means overcoming many limiting circumstances. Now imagine what could be achieved without wasting time and energy jumping through hoops and managing roadblocks? While we can't necessarily change the game, we can help women to better play it. 

We empower women to achieve with greater ease, to optimize their efforts and to own their authority. Our guidance and tools equip women to excel, to unleash their full potential and to lead the life you desire.

our commitment

At BETRFLY,  we understand that as a business, we have the power to influence the world around us. We take this responsibility very seriously. That's why we are dedicated to working exclusively with businesses and individuals who share our commitment to promoting environmental, social, and political well-being through their work. We believe that by partnering with like-minded organizations, and people we can amplify our impact and create meaningful change. Our ultimate goal is to help women to succeed while also making positive change in the world. We are passionate about being a force for good and strive to improve the overall human condition through the work we do.

our founder



Brittany is a seasoned business professional with over a decade of experience in banking and B2B FinTech, holding senior leadership roles in marketing, business development, business management, and regulatory compliance. An expert in value identification, creative positioning, and lead generation—she has worked with many well-known companies, helping them to grow and establish new and sustainable revenue streams.

As a business and career strategist, Brittany has helped dozens of women clarify their path to success and flourish professionally. She believes above all else that when woman have the space to work and live authentically they not only find joy, but are empowered to uniquely and profoundly impact the world around them.

Brittany specializes in helping women to uncover their authentic power and to unleash their full potential as leaders and entrepreneurs. Through her work, she aims to inspire and empower women to realize their own unique greatness.

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