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it's time we take an honest look at your culture. 

Over the decades strides have been made towards workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion. Yet the fact remains  —  collectively, we are a far cry from achieving true equality for women workers. Most especially in times of economic turbulence, it can be hard to justify non-business "essential" undertakings such as addressing problematic aspects of your culture. But what if promoting equitable conditions for women turned out to be business "essential" after all?

Bottom line: gender equity isn't just a moral issue, it is a business issue.


Research shows that diverse and inclusive workplaces lead to better employee engagement, higher productivity, and increased profits. So when it comes to closing the gender gap in your business, truth is: the undertaking isn't an expense, it's a strategic investment.


When your business promotes gender equity, you reap the rewards. It's not just good for women, it's good for business.

get with the program


BETRFLY's Workplace for Women (“W4W”) is a comprehensive certification program designed to help employers provide real world equal opportunity working conditions for women. 

Being a W4W certified business means signaling to current employees, prospective talent, and clients alike that you are more than just talk — you are committed to showing up for women, and where it matters.


Our team comes with many years experience in the corporate regulatory audit space, meaning we are experts in the review of processes, policies and procedures needed to identify gaps and make actionable recommendations material to your business.


We are committed to providing exceptional service, with the highest degree of professionalism and secure handling of all confidential and sensitive information.


We are excited to help you do your part to rightsizing the playing field for women in business. Start making a difference today, your business depends on it.

big time benefits

1 / attracting & retaining top talent

2 / improved brand reputation 
3 / increased productivity and innovation
4 / legal risk mitigation
5 / access to resources and support

what's in it
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